The New Avenger Edit

The New Avenger is fanfiction by Bex11. The bio is as follows-

After the Giant War everything is different. But Percy's never liked it when his two worlds mixed. So even though he goes home he can't tell his mom the truth. But the truth always hurts and somehow, the truth always shows.  Maybe its a good thing that his new neighbor, Peter Parker, is just a little too observant. Or maybe it isn't. 
    Meanwhile the world is changing. New threats have risen and been defeated. The mortal and the immortal worlds have always kept earth safe, though they've done it separately. But the day is coming when mortal and immortal will have to meet, or be destroyed. Its been thousands of years this way, apart. Will both sides be able to lay aside their pride before its to late?

Synopsis Edit

The story follows The Blood of Olympus in Rick Riordan's Heroes of Olympus series and Marvels The Amazing Spider-Man. It focuses on Peter Parker and Percy Jackson, after their respective adventures. During the story the effects of being in Tartarus on Percy is explored deeper, because it is the deepest pit of the Underworld. The impact this would have had on Percy would've been profound. At the same time Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) is still getting over the deaths of multiple close companions in both of The Amazing Spider-Man's. In a strange twist of fate the Jackson have moved next to the Parker's in Percy's absence. When Percy returns his mother, who is worried about her son, forces the two boys together, thinking they can become friends. However, each is hiding a secret identity

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